Inauguration of the new production plant in Calcinate (BG)


On June 26, 2024, the inauguration ceremony of the new IMS Technologies production plant in Calcinate, in the province of Bergamo, took place.

In the presence of authorities, local community representatives, and the company’s management, President Paolo Clerici and CEO Stefano Bartolini cut the ribbon of the new building. With an extension of 5,500 square meters, it brings the total area of the group to 28,500 square meters.
This new expansion phase follows the concentration of all assembly activities in Italy, which took place in 2021 with the closure of the production plant located in Darmstadt, Germany.
To date, IMS Technologies has its headquarters in Italy – in Calcinate (BG), production sites in the provinces of Bergamo and Alessandria, and sales offices and after-sales services in Germany, the USA, and China.

President Paolo Clerici

The Project
The expansion project of the Calcinate campus, which lasted about a year, not only resulted in the construction of a new building but also the creation of new changing rooms and offices, a break area, an ecological island, and a new large parking lot.

The construction site followed three fundamental guidelines: ensuring maximum functionality of the structures, guaranteeing the safety of all operators, and promoting sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact.

  • The increased size allowed for the redefinition and optimization of machine assembly and testing activities, thereby meeting the needs of a constantly evolving market.
  • Internal logistics were improved with new traffic routes separating the flow of goods transportation vehicles from the flow of cars, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.
  • The new building is equipped with a modern underfloor heating system with a heat pump, a solution not yet widely used in the industrial sector, providing maximum comfort in the factory while being environmentally friendly, aiming to reduce consumption and increase sustainability.
  • Additionally, a photovoltaic panel system with a power of 350 kWp was installed, complementing the power already produced by the panels on the existing building’s roof, for a total of 700 kWp. The estimated energy savings correspond to about 400 tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to over 20,000 trees.

Finally, the project was designed to be modular, allowing for further expansions as business growth may necessitate.

The new building is the perfect metaphor for a company that aims to become a global leader by providing innovative products and services and creating value over time for itself and its customers,” said Paolo Clerici, President of IMS Technologies and President and CEO of Coeclerici.

The inauguration of the new plant is a proud moment for IMS Technologies and represents a clear and tangible sign of our company’s growth. We are excited to share this milestone with our employees, partners, and the local community” added Stefano Bartolini, CEO of IMS Technologies.

From left: Calcinate Mayor Angelo Orlando, President Paolo Clerici, CEO Stefano Bartolini

Watch the video of the event.