ROTOMAC awarded for its commitment to a sustainable future in packaging


Our brand ROTOMAC, global leader in the production of rewinding as well as packaging and accessory machinery for food wrapping has been recognized for its commitment to eco-friendly packaging, marking a significant step toward sustainability. The attention is on its ground-breaking ICEBREAKER 167 coreless rewinding machine, which is redefining the industry’s approach to sustainability.

A new era in sustainable packaging: ROTOMAC’s coreless roll

The ICEBREAKER 167 rewinding coreless machine is the latest innovation within the packaging industry, as it enables to produce aluminum foil rolls where the traditional cardboard core can be either replaced by a slight paper sheet or even removed, ensuring a 73% reduction or total avoidance of paper use.
This is just one of the main sustainable benefits of the coreless roll. This innovation also allows to cut Co2 emissions down to 87.5% and to drastically minimize stock and logistics costs. All this comes matches with high quality finished rolls, with smooth external and internal surfaces.

Rewinding Machine ICEBREAKER 167 model

The rewinding machine ICEBREAKER 167 earns recognition in two competitions

As part of its commitment to sustainability, ROTOMAC joined two competitions in 2023, earning outstanding and positive results in both. As a matter of fact, the coreless roll was shortlisted as finalist of the Sustainability Awards, a competition organized by Packaging Europe aiming at honor notable innovations and projects in the packaging value chain and at encouraging the use of cutting-edge technologies and best practices to reduce environmental impact. On top of this, ROTOMAC’s coreless roll also won the first place during the Sustainable Packaging News Awards, which highlights every year the most revolutionary and innovative sustainable solutions in the packaging market.

For ROTOMAC, this is only the beginning of its path towards a sustainable packaging, and we look forward to strengthening our contribution to a greener economy in the future!