Industry 4.0

MAIA: Machine Artificial Intelligence Application

MAIA, IMS TECHNOLOGIES application for Industry 4.0


MAIA is the application that IMS TECHNOLOGIES makes available to its customers to render them increasingly efficient and competitive in the era of Industry 4.0.
By collecting data and parameters from the machines and then processing them on the IOT Cloud platform MAIA, the performance of the machines themselves can be improved and the management of the entire production cycle and any maintenance can be optimized.

MAIA in detail

By installing sensors and intelligent devices on the machines and automatically sending information to the MAIA platform through an edge device, important data is acquired and analyzed about the machine’s operation and the production processes connected to it.

Artificial Intelligence
The mathematical algorithms for data analysis and processing, combined with machine learning throughout the production process, acquire valuable information on the “health” of the production cycle. The individual components can be monitored, keeping track of all activities and planning all maintenance, which improves the system’s overall efficiency.

MAIA is available on a fixed and mobile platform and has a small MES service (manufacturing execution system) integrated into each machine. Because the service can be accessed anywhere at any time, the operator has greater control over the system and, if necessary, can intervene promptly in the event of machine stoppage, breakdown, or systemic error. Preventive and predictive maintenance operations are simplified, to the benefit of cost containment and increased productivity.


  • Customized interaction. The option for users to customize the platform and get notifications on specific strategic and functional indicators
  • Security. The security of the machine-network data collection is guaranteed by blockchain systems that protect the company from intrusions
  • Unlimited data management. Long-term, unlimited data collection on the cloud
  • Flexibility. It is possible to install MAIA on all our machines and on third-party systems as well, after appropriate modifications
  • Analytics. Process data are analyzed through intuitive, customizable graphic dashboards that give users the capability to make quick evaluations and plan fact-based actions
  • Collaboration. As MAIA is fully integrated with company management systems, it simplifies and automates interactions between different company divisions
  • Access anywhere, anytime. A single, web-based platform, accessible anywhere, anytime
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