Industrial Iot

MAIA: Machine Artificial Intelligence Application

MAIA, IMS TECHNOLOGIES application for Industry 4.0


MAIA® is the Industrial IoT platform developed for IMS TECHNOLOGIES customers. Cloud-based MAIA® enables users to collect data from machines and visualize them through easy to use as well as highly representative dashboards. Furthermore, stored data are analyzed to detect long-term trends and facilitate maintenance.
Using advanced analytics and AI, MAIA® provides customers with several suggestions about machine settings, thus allowing to optimize operations, enhance efficiency and product quality, as well as deploy new business models.

MAIA in detail

By installing sensors and intelligent devices on the machines and automatically sending information to the MAIA platform through an edge device, important data is acquired and analyzed about the machine’s operation and the production processes connected to it.

Artificial Intelligence
The mathematical algorithms for data analysis and processing, combined with machine learning throughout the production process, acquire valuable information on the “health” of the production cycle. The individual components can be monitored, keeping track of all activities and planning all maintenance, which improves the system’s overall efficiency.

MAIA is available on a fixed and mobile platform. The service can be accessed anywhere at any time, the operator has greater control over the system and, if necessary, can intervene promptly in the event of machine stoppage, breakdown, or systemic error. Preventive and predictive maintenance operations are simplified, to the benefit of cost containment and increased productivity.


  • Connect machines to a central management tool
  • Collect, monitor and analyze data in real-time
  • Gain insights to improve efficiency and profitability
  • Take advantage of apps and solutions able to solve real problems
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