IMS TECHNOLOGIES opens its doors to 70 students during SME Day


On November 25th and December 2nd IMS TECHNOLOGIES welcomed 70 students from the eighth-grade classes of Istituto A. Moro di Calcinate on the National Day of Small and Medium Enterprises, better known as SME Day.

About the Small and Medium Enterprises Day

Launched in 2010, the SME Day has now reached the thirteenth edition and consists in small and medium-sized enterprises associated with Confindustria opening their doors to young people for company visits and meetings with professionals.

Every year, the initiative involves hundreds of companies and thousands of students and professors from every part of the country. The main objective is, on the one hand, to guide the students to know the various business realities and the contribution they make to the territory, and on the other hand, to offer concrete help to young people during their orientation path and choice of secondary school.

The direct experience inside the company is certainly the key point of the SME day. As a matter of fact, it allows young people to discover concretely how goods and services are created. Moreover, it helps them to get to know the organization of a company and the professional figures that make it up.

The beauty of Italian know-how

The 2022 edition of the SME Day was focused on the beauty of Italian know-how, a valuable asset for every Italian company, which is declined in the ability to take advantage of historical traditions and skills to fuel the process of innovation in the present and foster future progress.

The value of People

All this would not be possible without the intervention and work of our People, nor without their courage to transform ideas into projects and projects into concrete results. It is therefore very important for today’s young people, the employees of the future, to get in touch with local businesses in order to discover their objectives, functions and trends, so that they can make an informed choice at the end of their school career.


IMS TECHNOLOGIES enthusiastically contributed to the initiative and the promotion of Made in Italy by welcoming its 70 young guests at its Calcinate headquarters. They were welcomed by our HR colleagues who presented them with the company’s history and functions and then gave them a live tour of the production department and machines.

A very touching moment was the meeting with the company’s various professional figures. In fact, the students had the opportunity to hear some of our colleagues talk about their role within IMS and the path that led them to become the professionals they are today.

Our people’s contributions were very successful, not only because they provided a concrete insight into the main functions and tasks of our company, but also because each story, with its own peculiarities, showed how important it is to always follow one’s passions, even if this sometimes means having to re-evaluate one’s choices. In other words, each story taught how determination and resilience concretely contribute to our company’s growth. We hope these values will be an inspiration for our young guests too.

Our deepest thanks to all those who participated and made these two days a success. We look forward to the next PMI Day!