IMS TECHNOLOGIES’ company trip to the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan

Last December 17th the annual IMS TECHNOLOGIES corporate event took place: this year all the employees from the three headquarters in Italy and their families were invited to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia (National Museum of Science and Technology) “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Milan. Approximately 240 people joined the initiative and had the possibility to visit the museum accompanied by a guide.

This unique museum is dedicated to the incredible Leonardo Da Vinci and was founded in 1953. The building, which occupies an area of almost 50,000 sqm, is divided into different thematic areas, ranging from physics to photography, from metallurgy to industry, from printing to the space industry. During the visit all the participants had the chance to see the collection of models built from Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings as well as some historical railway, airplane and naval vehicles – such as the famous Toti submarine.

Finally, the IMS TECHNOLOGIES team gathered in the fascinating Air & Water Building and had lunch surrounded by old ocean liners, ships, vessels, helicopters and other military vehicles.

It has been a real pleasure to get all together outside the professional environment. All the participants enjoyed the day and showed, once more, that people are what makes a company great.

A big thank you to all the colleagues who took part with enthusiasm in the event and all the people who were involved in the organization.