GOEBEL IMS boosts growth for Guangdong Decro Film New Materials

The GOEBEL IMS team is delighted to announce the successful installation and operation of two state-of-the-art MONOSLIT 9000 slitter rewinders on Guangdong Decro’s cutting-edge high-speed BOPP film production lines.

Guangdong DECRO Film New Materials Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese BOPP film manufacturer, is making strides in the industry. The company boasts four subsidiaries, including Guangdong DECRO Package Films Co., Ltd., and operates three manufacturing facilities spanning over 187,000 square meters. Currently, DECRO operates seven internationally advanced BOPP lines, two functional coating lines, and ten twin-screw extruders for functional Masterbatch. Notably, the company achieved a significant milestone by listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 30th.

GOEBEL IMS, a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES, specializing in manufacturing machinery for the converting industry, has recently installed two cutting-edge MONOSLIT 9000 BOPP slitting rewinding machines. These machines boast an impressive speed of 1200 meters per minute and incorporate the latest design and technologies for processing specialized BOPP films.

Mr. He Wenjun, Vice President of Guangdong Decro Package Films Co., Ltd., expressed his satisfaction, saying, “As one of the world’s leading BOPP manufacturers specializing in specialty films, we consistently demand sophisticated high-end equipment to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs. We are happy to have found GOEBEL IMS as a reliable partner for our primary slitting and rewinding operations. The performance of these machines has surpassed our expectations, with the second line being installed and operational in record time. We eagerly anticipate continuing our mutually beneficial partnership with GOEBEL IMS.

Tobias Lanksweirt, Managing Director of GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH, and Sales Director of Film, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to Guangdong Decro for placing their trust in GOEBEL IMS and for the exceptional cooperation that facilitated the highly successful commissioning of the two primary slitters for their two new BOPP lines, boasting an impressive working width of 8.7 meters.

The engineers from the commissioning team summed up their experience, stating, “Our collaboration with Decro was consistently guided by the shared objective of enhancing machine productivity and handling. The Managing and Operation team maintained transparency and fairness throughout, making it a highly positive and gratifying partnership.”