Coeclerici Group and IMS TECHNOLOGIES support Flying Angels Foundation to save children’s lives



On April 2nd, 2023 Coeclerici Group and IMS Technologies are supporting the Flying Angels Foundation in the Relay Milano Marathon to fund the special project “Salvali con il cuore” (Save them with your heart), aimed at ensuring life-saving flights for children with severe heart disease.

About the Flying Angels Foundation

For more than 10 years, Flying Angels Foundation has been a nonprofit organization specializing in airlifting seriously ill children to hospitals where they can undergo life-saving surgeries.
Since the first flight in 2012 to airlift Rame, a 40-day-old Kosovar infant suffering from severe heart disease, the organization has saved the lives of more than 2,000 children in a timely, borderless manner and relying on the collaboration of different actors (companies, hospitals, doctors, donors, volunteers, ambassadors and other stakeholders).

Such a solidarity network allows the foundation to:

  • collect all the necessary documentation for each case of emergency,
  • optimally manage and coordinate the air transfer,
  • remain an operational point of reference in case of need and/or support until the moment of arrival at the destination, both for the outward and return journey,
  • prepare the safest and most suitable transport solution for each of the little patients.

“Salvali con il cuore” – a new fundraising project by Flying Angels Foundation

On its 10-year anniversary in 2022, the organization launched a new fundraising effort, called Salvali con il Cuore (Save them with your Heart), to effectively help seriously ill children who require assistance.
As part of this project, the “Relay Milano Marathon“, a non-competitive relay race, was also born. The route is divided into 4 paths between 7 and 13 km each, for a total length of 42 km.

Coeclerici Group and IMS Technologies at the Relay Milano Marathon

Coeclerici Group has decided to support Flying Angels Foundation through the contribution of 3 teams, each one composed of 4 Coeclerici and IMS Technologies colleagues, who will run the marathon with one goal: raising funds to finance the Project. Coeclerici Group has donated marathon bibs to its employees and, most importantly, the initial amount of €450 for each team’s participation in the marathon. Each participant in turn will not only engage in an athletic challenge, but also promote and support their team’s fundraising efforts through the Flying Angels website.
Anyone can contribute to this beautiful project by making a donation through each team’s links below:

Help us raise as much as possible to support the life-saving flights organized by the foundation! It will be possible to donate until May 2nd, 2023.

Thank you to everyone who will participate, and good luck to the three teams involved!