Unlimited solutions for the primary industries and for converters

Since 1851 GOEBEL IMS has developed slitter rewinders, automatic un- and rewinders as well as inspection machines for a large variety of industrial applications and materials such as film, paper and board, aseptic packaging, tobacco and alufoil. We help to optimize processes, reduce costs, and significantly enhance performance.
Our tailor-made solutions have a long-lasting positive effect on production and the working environment of our customers and their staff. Our best references are our satisfied customers over many years of partnership and more than 11,000 machines sold.GOEBEL IMS Monoslit Giant Frontal


With a wide spectrum of high-performance machines, GOEBEL IMS offers the best solutions to the plastic film industry. BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, BSF , and many other materials can be converted with great efficiency up to 12,000 mm width. Components are designed to simplify production processes and convert all types of film – now and in the future. The thinnest films from 0.5 μm to the thickest ones up to 1 mm, coated and uncoated films, compound , and many other materials are converted carefully and efficiently.


GOEBEL IMS‘s portfolio in this sector currently consists of more than 30 machine types, including two-drum winders, highly sophisticated slitter rewinders, automatic reelers, inspection machines, and handling systems as well as auxiliaries. Our machines reliably deliver top roll quality for paper and board for packaging and other applications, all types of technical, filter, and special papers, graphic papers, and cigarette papers. Over 4,400 machines sold worldwide and more than 750 registered patents are further evidence of our exceptional strength.


GOEBEL IMS is the only port of call when it comes to the latest slitter rewinders for the tobacco industry. Over many decades major international cigarette paper manufacturers have been relying on GOEBEL IMS’ state-of-the-art technology to convert cigarette, tipping and plug-wrap papers.
Customers who have been with us for many years confirm our machines’ absolute precision, top bobbin quality and outstanding reliability in the production.


GOEBEL IMS offers a complete machine portfolio for rolling mills and converters, ranging from first-class slitter rewinders with diverse winding concepts to embossing machines. We also provide our customers with cost-effective handling systems and automation features in order to increase their productivity.
We serve a variety of industries with great expertise, including food and beverage, automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical, medical, electric / electronic, printing, and construction.


GOEBEL IMS can count on more than 50 years of specific experience with market leaders all over the world and ensures top speed, minimized scrap rates, and the highest reel quality in terms of density and edge alignment. We offer machines fully customizable to the needs of specific converting processes such as slitter rewinders, pope winders, inspection / doctor machines, and spooling machines. Our application fields include food, beverages, dairy, and other aseptic packaging sectors.


GOEBEL IMS has been at the forefront of the mechanical engineering and construction for over 170 years and is a leading provider of slitter rewinders, automatic un- and winders for a wide range of materials. Thanks to its experience in developing high-tech and performing machines for different applications, today GOEBEL IMS is able to present a new complete portfolio of in-line winders and off-line slitter rewinders for nonwoven producers and converters.
Our strong know-how allows us to provide tailor-made machinery considering each customer’s specific needs and processes with the possibility to offer also advanced automation solutions.

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